3 tips for creating a maintenance-friendly pond


Planning to build a pond in the garden? Then of course you want a beautiful, clear pond. Maintaining a pond naturally takes time, so it is important to keep in mind that this is also the case with a maintenance-friendly pond. However, there are a number of ways to make your pond more maintenance-friendly, so that you spend less time on it.

Tip 1. Have it refilled automatically
Having your pond automatically refilled to change the water is of course ideal and ensures that you spend less time maintaining your pond. Various systems are available to realize this. Often a water hose and solenoid valve are used to create a system in which the pond is automatically refilled.

Tip 2. Floating plants
Good water purifiers are extremely important for a clear pond, which is why floating plants and water lilies are essential for creating a maintenance-friendly garden. In addition to the purifying properties of these plants, floating plants protect the water surface from the sun, thus preventing the water from heating up and evaporating. As a result, the water retains more oxygen. The prevention of evaporation ensures that the concentration of pollutants does not rise.

Tip 3. Not too much fishing
Fish in the pond look very nice of course. This is the reason for many people to choose fish in the pond. It is also useful to prevent mosquito larvae. For a low maintenance pond it is important not to take too many fish, this means that they have to hunt themselves. If you are not too greedy with the number of fish, feeding is often no longer necessary, which of course benefits the water quality.

In addition to the fish, it is important to plant many underwater plants in your pond. Plants that live submerged in water are so-called oxygen suppliers. They therefore ensure the production of oxygen in the water, on which the micro-organisms and the animals live.